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Press Reviews (continued)

Solo CDs

Baroque Lute

Gramophone, December 1992
"In its totality - technical, stylistic and emotional - this is simply the best recording of lute music I have had the pleasure of hearing, and with it the lute comes, in a sense, of age: a maker of fine music that can be listened to purely for what it is."

Alessandro Piccinni - CD

Classical CD, June 1995
(the music allows) "Nigel North the space in which to indulge his mastery of nuance, his formidable powers of almost improvisatory fantasy and his love of colours. Rubato is generous but always convincing, and the playing is supremely articulate, whether extrovert or pursuing Piccinini's more introverted side . . .. A Wonderful disc."

Dowland "Lute Lessons" - CD

Gramophone, March 1997
"The present disc quite simply contains the best performances of Dowland I have had the pleasure of hearing. Whilst North's fingers are always ready to dance to Dowland's more joyous tunes, they sometimes take a little longer to allow the more contemplative music plenty of breathing space, as in "Semper Dowland" and "Forlorne Hope Fancy", delivered with the utmost eloquence. His readiness to embellish is unequalled in quantity, quality and the smoothness with which it blends into the lines. Nor does anyone put rubato to more telling use."

Bach on the Lute - CDs

Classic CD, January 1995
"His playing (on a gorgeous instrument beautifully recorded) is wonderful. A bold feeling for improvisational fantasy goes hand in hand with a strong sense of harmonic drama highlightened not just by the placing of chords but by the way he colours them . . ..North is triumphant."

A Varietie of Lute Lessons - CD

The Observer (London) 1999
"A Varietie of Lute Lessons is a mesmerising album . . .. Every note sparkles as North breathes life and passion into a beautiful collection."

The Gramophone, March 2000
"A colourful collection of lute pieces played by North in his unfailingly stylish manner. I yield to no one in my high regard for Norths unfailingly musical and stylish performances - full of warmth - and for the clarity with which they are recorded."